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Brief History

Total Cleaning Solutions Our History.
Total Cleaning Solutions WI Corporation started out as a small mom and pop shop called Ultra Clean Carpets. We began with a modest donation by the owners mother with a residential carpet cleaner and the muscle of one individual.Carpet Cleaning became easier with the use of better equipment purchased by the business owner.  The company slowly began to evolve once the owner purchased a commercial carpet cleaner. Humble beginnings for an aspiring entrepreneur who wanted to get his foot in the door of this cleaning industry. Through the help of one faithful Antoine T. they took on many tasks and endeavors which included but was never limited to residential/commercial cleaning, window cleaning, clean-outs, landscaping, duct cleaning, providing a daily service to the General Mitchel Field Airport with TSA. We also provided Parkside University with steam cleaning over 23,000 square feet of carpet early on in the business. The business is still considered a micro business due to the fact that this establishment has never been publicly or privately funded.Through the resources that were recycled into this establishment allowed its longevity.  The owner has always used his own personal saving to finance support and grow this entity. We try to deliver a quality well beyond the expectations of our customers. We have a family supported business establishment that has even utilized the immediate family to support the needs of this business. We desire to grow and solidify our place in the Milwaukee metropolitan area and beyond. This is our home we will keep Milwaukee clean. Carpet Cleaning in Milwaukee began with this inspiration.